Baba Aya Singh ji
A Saint-Social worker, who knows the importance of the girls education, who knows for a better society women education is must, beyond good thinking he wants to do something for his area.

That was Baba aya Singh ji…..and Baba ji was that person who founded a “Putri Patshala” with the help of local villagers in 1925.He visited more than 12 countries during his two foreign-trips for establishment of the school building. After his trip he lays down foundation stone of ‘Sri Khatagdhari Khalsa Senior Secondary School’ by saint Gurmukh Singh ji Patialewale. Putri Patshala takes the shape of this new school  and  in  1967  with  great  efforts of  Baba  ji  the

After 8 years ,  with the blessings of God and being a real disciple of Baba ji , an old student Baba ji’s school , comes forward to change dreams of Baba ji in to reality with the kind inspiration of Commrade Chanan Singh ji and S. Sampuran Singh ji,……..he was S. Swaran Singh Virk .Who Founded this college at Tughalwala  in 1976 and dedicated it to Baba ji, so “Baba Aya Singh Riarki College” comes in to existence. Principal Virk was highly motivated from ‘Activatity School’ of Dr.Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari and with inspiration of Late Major Kartar Singh ji, Principal Kanal ji, he founded a very different kind of college without teachers, without money, without copying. Which is like a “Guru Kul” .

school was adopted by government and till date this school is running as added school of government but his actual desire to start a girls college goes with him in 1968 by his death.

A institution stated with 14 girls …know handling more than 5000 students with its way, Although the college is not affiliated to the Guru Nanak Dev University, under whose jurisdiction it falls, for the past couple of decades every successive  vice-chancellor of GNDU has gone on record describing it as a first-rate  institution. However,  because of its  unique system of imparting instruction, it is not a part of the university.  This  is,  perhaps, the   first  institution  and  only  in  India to have  undertaken  such  an  experiment  successfully
Commrade Chanan Singh ji
The basic philosophy behind the establishment of this college was to provide free education to the girls of this area. The womenfolk of this backward area were doubly underprivileged because of the prevailing economic and educational scenario. The insecurity of living in a border area, plus the poverty and the essential bias towards the girl child resulted in parents preferring the education of boys to that of girls. At the time when copying in the exams had taken a menacingly scaring shape in the colleges of Punjab, this college came up as an example because the students themselves showed such a strong moral base that they would not copy-whether there was any invigilator in the examination hall or not. This example of ethical values is still living in the institution. The degree of the success that Sardar Swarn Singh Virk got can be gauged from the response that his college has gotten today. The college boasts of strength of about 1100 girls. He feels that the objective that they had started with has been 100 percent achieved because today practically all the girls of the area have received higher education. The students are given the feel of a Gurukul type environment.
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By-Mahak Deep
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Baba Aya Singh Riarki College Tughalwala
S.Sampuran Singh ji
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